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Sande, I personally have no reservations about you and Earl caring about our sport! What gripes me the most is the lack of notice of activity from the BOD in the forums about what they are doing to help preserve what we do. I also spend a great deal of time, to Susan's occasional annoyance, roaming around on the web trying to keep the Putter site current on land use issues, and I expect the same from whoever is supposed to be doing that job on this site!! And I'm just not seeing it. Jim asked me to post what I find, and I have, but when a guy gets no comments from those "in charge", it gets pretty old. There's more info at times over on the NWW site. We should be the lead on 4x4 activity in the NW. WOHVA is good, but they aren't 4x4 only. We are.

Last August, I took time to go down to the Oregon Dunes to meet with the locals and Don Amador from BRC to talk to the Siuslaw Forest Supervisor regarding the TMP for the Dunes. Sande, I was the only member of our group there. PNW should have been all over that! Admittedly it was somewhat personal for me as I grew up in those dunes, but PNW should have had a presence of more than one person!

I'm sorry some of the gang may not like all this being out in public, as I'm sure someone from Big Green is watching and giggling about it, but we need to get our act together and start making more noise here at home. BRC ain't doing it, even though they should, but it's not really their place to lead up here anyway. It's ours!

Okay, rant off. Got Putter stuff to do...
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