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Folks can call me anytime they like also, put me in your contacts,


I know there are some pretty hard working board members that put tons of time toward their volunteer work at the PNW. I also know they do it for the some of the same reasons I do. I am absolutely proud and honored to be a PNW member. I love what the PNW represents and I love the people of the PNW.

Can we improve? Sure you bet and we have over 50 years of improving. We are better today than we were yesterday and we will be better yet by tomorrow.

It's great that we have this forum to communicate to compliment the good old ways.

I am currently working on a business plan for my business. I thought if I just worked hard as I could it would be wildly successful and off I would jeep into the sunset. Come to find out a plan is a really good idea.

I believe a PNW business plan for the future would be a good way Art to address some of the concerns you have. It would also give our people a roadmap to the future. Young people participating is essential to our future survival and success.

We are blessed with good leadership, every board meeting I attend I witness forward steps.

We all fire the jeep up the same way in the morning.

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