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Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
I think there's a point being missed! Did you not get the comment about more info on NWW? Go look at the lands section of the Peak Putters site. Why do I seem to be the only one picking up on some of the info there?When I do put a piece up here, I get no response. Why? No one cares? It's a bit discouraging. I guess I'm at the point I'll keep my bunch informed, but why cross post if no action is taken. We talk in private a lot over there, so you may not see some of what's going on, but it is.

All I want is some communication as to what's going on at the higher levels, so I feel like I'm being included. I don't care if anyone does spend all day working or whatever! I do to, and I still find time to post current issues...Use this forum as a tool, or shut it down. There's more comment on BS threads than those that affect our future ability to wheel

Cross posting information such as you describe certainly helps the PNW, admittedly I personally spend very little time absorbing land issues. As important as they are they are like eating sand for me. I'd rather be waterboarded.
My strength and interest and my ability to contribute lies elsewhere. You have people like Jim, and Randy that really eat this stuff up. I'm amazed at the information they have in their heads when it comes out at bod meetings.
It's almost like listening to Graves talk about trail numbers, how in the heck to you guys remember all this? I don't even know what size the engine is in my rubicon.

Point is I don't think it's from a lack of caring, I thinks it's more that we work toward our strengths. We have some amazing dedicated folks in the PNW and we need more.
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