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Originally Posted by Art Waugh View Post
PNW has a business plan that gets looked at and supposedly updated as needed, but that seems to be as far as it goes. As far as Dave's issues with land use and response, there are only a few that get it and really will jump on it. He is right in that most seem not to care about it, at least until their favorite route is locked down.

My issues are with things that should be done right without thinking about it, like getting membership issues done in a timely manner. Since April is NOT a timely manner. Having an over 10 year out of date email on an associate member is sloppy housekeeping as is having the wrong associate member pricing here on this site. Is anyone even trying to fix this? Since I have not been contacted, the answer is obviously a big, huge resounding NO.

This association had better start getting it's act together or members are just going to say the h*ll with it and go elsewhere. I am looking at losing members with this kind of cr*p and I don't need that.

Yes, and thank you guys for the reference to the biz plan. I'm ON IT reading up..

Art the membership issue brought forth the fact that we may not have volunteers to handle the "more technical" stuff as it relates to computers. Although it isn't perfect, building something that large and with as many details as were involved is still a work in progress. There have been folks like Rich that have stepped up and Bill Cole has been there and does a lot of work on the forum. It is a fairly large team that gets involved and certainly not just Edward and myself.
We were tasked at the last board meeting at getting a price on that occasional tech support that your web team may be challenged with, and possibly some boosting of the website itself. Correct me but I believe this is type of thing you are speaking of? We are working on it and would invite you to the next board meeting to offer suggestions on how to properly implement your ideas. Or heck put em down here and we can bat em around.

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