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Up above the reroute, the task was to install water bars on the hill to control runoff. The FS is using a combination of traditional dug out water bars, and some conveyor belt water bars. The heros of this part were the equipment operators, Blaine and Atkins in the FS mini excavator and someone who's name I didn't get in the Sweco. They saved everyone a ton of work and made short work of the water bar install.

The conveyor belt water bars are basically a 12" tall X 10' wide section of conveyor belt bolted between 2 pressure treated 2x6's.

FS employee in the Sweco putting in a traditional water bar

Blaine in the FS mini-ex working on a conveyor belt water bar

JayW surveying water bar placement

Atkins manning the shovel, Brent and JayW supervising.

Finished conveyor belt bar

Thats all I've got, Jayw and I headed out after the water bars were done. I've been told that on SUnday the Gleed Boyz and some of the Shindigs did some repair work on a bridge crossing just before Lily Pond. They fixed some holes, fixed the bridge approach, improved drainage and blocked bypasses.
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