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Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
All I want is some communication as to what's going on at the higher levels, so I feel like I'm being included. I don't care if anyone does spend all day working or whatever! I do to, and I still find time to post current issues...Use this forum as a tool, or shut it down. There's more comment on BS threads than those that affect our future ability to wheel
As I have said before in these husband doesn't go on here, he abhors technology. He is getting steps.

As you so eloquently stated that you don't care if people are "working all day or whatever", I would beg to differ as I'm sure a few others would. I cannot speak for my husband, but I will speak in defense of him. I don't know what you do for a living and if your occupation affords you the luxury of not being physically and mentally exhausted by the end of the day, but my husband's occupation is. The last thing on his mind is to run home and get on the PNW forums, I guarantee it. He still manages to fullfill all of his PNW duties and then some. My husband, as far as I know, hasn't been contacted by anyone so I am assuming that he isn't the one that the dissention is aimed towards. He is part of the Board of Directors though and I'm sure would be concerned about the negative feelings that have been expressed. Once again, please get a hold of him if you have questions, concerns, gripes, etc:
Dan Morris- 253 376-6359 cell / 360 458-0644 home
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