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latest starts this saturday

It's time. It's time to build trail. For the last 2+ years I have been working on this project on behalf of the club. We've had a lot of ups and downs to get to this point, a lot of hurry up and wait situations, a lot of last minute challenges to over come, and seemingly never ending ribbons of red tape to cut through, but we did it. We got here, we have the green light and now is the time we have all been waiting for. It's time to start building trail.

I think you are all pretty familiar with what we nee
d to build this trail, but here again is a list of what we need along with some updated items based on what Bill and I discussed on Sunday after the clean up. This expanded list should give anyone and everyone who want's to help a chance to help. There's a lot of work to be done, so hopefully there will be a lot of workers.

For this project we will need the following;
- excavator
- dozer (if it has a ripper even better)
- backhoe
- equipment operators
- dump trailer
- dump truck
- saw (hand saw and small chain saw although I am not sure if the USFS will allow us to use a chain saw yet... I am checking)
- safety gear (glasses, gloves, chaps for chain saw operators these will likely be required)
- Lopers
- Shovel
- Pulaskis
- pick axe
- weed whacker (ribbon fed, not metal blade as the metal blade will spark when it hits the rock in the trail and could be a fire hazzard)
- metal rakes
- Tow Straps
- Chain
- clevis's (small clevis to work with the chains would be great for helping build a net out of to be used to move boulders on to the trail).
- snatch blocks, the more the better.
- Diesel fuel can's (full or not although full would be appreciated )
- Water both for drinking, cleaning, cooking and in the event of a fire.
- Fire extinguishers - per the fire ban which is currently in effect, all vehicles should have 1 gallon of water or a 2.5lbs extinguisher.
- 4x4 vehicles ideally with a winch, a working winch will be needed to help pull boulders, logs and other natural debris onto the sides of the trail to help anchor the trail.
- Wheel Barrow
- Manual Labor
- Patience
- Good attitude
- A strong work ethic - we will be working both Saturday and Sunday. Come to one, come to both, there will be work to do.

For this first work party we will be focusing on the new trail section (connector trail) that goes between the two sections of 800 road that we will be converting to trail as well as working on ripping the road into a trail. This work (converting the road to trail) is heavily dependent on equipment and equipment operators. We will not be able to do this with just manual labor. The more equipment (Dozer, excavator, backhoe etc) we can bring to bear the quicker this will go.

The connector trail section will also require some machinery, but for the most part can be done with manual labor. We will need to pull rocks and logs into the trail to use as both anchors for the trail as well as obstacles for the trail. This is where a winch, straps, chain, snatch blocks and the clevises will come in handy. I would be really happy if we had one crew working on the trail section, and another crew working on the road section. There is a lot of work to do!

I plan on heading up Friday and will be camping the whole weekend. It would be awesome to have some company to kick it with, so anyone else up for camping? Anyone else attending the first work party? Maybe we can do a pot luck type dinner one night or both nights?

Like I said, now is the time for us to begin the work we have all been saying we wanted to do for the last two years. I really need a big turn out for this and all the future work parties. If you want to be part of opening a new trail... now is the time.

Here's where we will be camped at and working at.

Work begins when you get there.
Who's in?

see more at
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