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While I understand your frustration not once have you contacted me regarding these issues. As you know the Association is comprised of vollunteers who all have lives. The membership card issue is very important but should not be why people belong to this great group. The membership cards should already be corrected for 2013 but due to problems with the transition to the new system it is impossible to get a report of who did not get them. I know many people who have been dedicating their time to keeping your motorized areas open and working on the never ending legislative issues accross the three states. If you would prefer we put those on the back burner please let me know. All of your officers are doing the best they can. Elections are right around the corner if you care to step up. Tomorrow we will be having the funeral service for one of our club members. The compassion and care members of the PNW4WDA have shown is one of the main reasons I choose to belong. I would appreciate it if you would send me a detailed email of your concerns to and I will do my best to address your concerns. Diana has been doing a great job of taking care of most of the concerns you had. I look forward to hearing from you.

Angie Marek
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