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I contacted the board members that have responsibility for the areas that have issues. That should be sufficient to get it taken care of. It was then put up in the members section to keep it in house. You should not have to micro manage the members of the board, they are adults and should be able to take care of the position they agreed to take on. My issues have been put forth here and with Diana, and according to her, you were contacted by her. With the exception of Diana, the BOD members that have posted up a reply in any of the threads have done NOTHING but climb on my back for bringing up problems and issues. No attempt to get it taken care of. This really shows the outside world how the membership is valued. Well done.

While the loss of a member and services are disheartning, these things have been ongoing since way before. As I said before if the PNW can't even get the small stuff taken care of, how can they handle the big items.

I know a lot of folks work on issues we face in the sport, and I have been one for as long as I have been a member (joined in Sept. of '76). I don't belittle their efforts in that under taking.

I no longer have the patience nor the life expectancy to spend a long period of time to get the small stuff like this taken care of. While a card may not seem that important, it, along with the Tri-Power is the only concrete thing that one can hold for the money spent. I suspect if it were one of your members or yourself it would have been handled within a week.

Sorry you think I am whining for no reason, but when other people look at the way things are handled, they won't waste their time with this group. You couldn't get a member in southern Idaho if your life depended on it, that is how much weight the PNW carries over there, and it is getting that bad in other places as well. PNW any where outside of Washington is becoming a bigger joke than it has been.

Every adult in my club, except one, is a former board member, either elected or appointed or in one case, both, and not a one of them would ever hold another position for love or money or any combination of both.

I have another life as well. It should not take up to five (5) months to get this kind of stuff fixed. It is past frustration.

You know what---screw it. I will kiss off the member involved, and keep my mouth shut from here on out. As to if the club stays will be up to the members, but as of right now it would probably be a 5-3 vote to tell you to get stuffed. It has just become not worth the frickin hassle any more. But you don't give a dam* about a small club, we are more trouble than we are worth. Your do nothing people have finally won. Congratulations.

I fully expect to see this thread disappear and watch the ban hammer come down for taking board members to task for not doing the job their position requires---that is easier than fixing the problem, and keeps it out of the public eye. Cheers
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