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I'm really starting to get a hoot out of some of the arguments over USFS methodology. On "our side", the stance is that they're managing for closure, and trying to kick everyone out. This because the "greens" have taken over, or their afraid they'll get sued, or whatever...

On "the dark side", it's all about all the USFS is doing is subterfuge to get more timber cut, they're ignoring science, and any number of crimes against nature.

So, this would almost be humorous, if it didn't impact so many people and so much land. The timber industry is barely on life support because of the strident bleatings of ecohacks like the Center for Biological Diversity, and what can one say about something called the Center for the Prevention of Roads. Really? Prevention?! To the last outfit's "credit", they do have one staffer a guy can at least have a pleasant conversation with. A lady in Eugene named Sarah Peters who, believe it or don't, shares my notion of what the Oregon Dunes need, and is actually working with the local ATV group on finding common ground to restore the Dunes.

Anyway, guess I just needed to get a few things out there where I could look at 'em, instead of letting them, as Lee said yesterday, "make my head hurt".

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