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Default April Fools' 2006 / Moses Lake Sand Dunes

I still have not got to go wheelin' in awhile so here is another old report to keep things alive.

All Wheelers Off Road Club -
April Fools' 2006 / Moses Lake Sand Dunes Run

April 1st, 2006

On Friday evening March 31st, 2006 we pulled into Moses Lake Sand Dunes to camp. Not knowing where to camp and it being dark, we pulled off Sand Dunes Road and stuck the RV. We unloaded the XJ off the trailer and pulled the RV back onto the road. I took the XJ down the road to see where others where camped. I seen they were parked near the next out house down. I came back to the RV and we camped at the spot I had stuck the RV. I pull the RV off the road but not as far as before. We set up camp and had dinner. We tryed to get some sleep so we could get up early to wheel. It was hard to sleep with all the crazies driving next to our camp. There were V8 rigs that were running up and down the power lines and quads racing down Sand Dune Road. We heard people shooting a semi-auto gun close to our camp. All this noise went on past 2 AM. It sounded like they were filming MAD MAX 4.

Saturday morning March 18th, 2006 Camo22 showed up as it started raining. We talked for awhile and didn't know if anyone else was going to show. I had called a few of the people I had numbers for and they weren't coming. I had forgot to bring some of the other phone numbers. So we load up and hit the dunes.

We went over to the Pot Hole side and followed the Yellow Sign Road. We desided to jump up on top to hit some bigger dunes. Camo22 was running in two wheel drive so it took a few runs to get to the top. Test Dummy and Tiny came back down to see what the hold up was.

Camo22 powering up the hill in 2 wheel

I found a big dune to climb. Here is my rig sunk in the sand at the top.

I was able to back down and take another run. It was fun topping it. Here is Test Dummy trying the same climb on my quad.

Camo22's turn

Test Dummy and Tiny racing around a sand bowl.

This is where things began to suck. I was climbing this dune when the rear drive line rear u-joint broke. Test Dummy got under the Molly Mule and tied the rear drive line up with bungee cords.

We limped the Molly Mule back to camp with only front wheel drive. Camo22, Test Dummy and Tiny scouted out the easier way out. They looked for the smaller dunes to climb. Every time I had to power up a dune the rear drive line banged around on the floor board.It took awhile to get back to camp. When we got back to camp, we found the CWO members were there. It was nice to get to meet some of them. It was cold and raining so we didn't visit very long. Rich from INWADVENTURES showed up to meet us. Not long after Rich came, most of the CWO headed back home. Right after they pulled out, the sun came out. Here is a picure of out camp.

Rich's XJ and Camo22's toy. My rig looks little compaired to these two rigs so I didn't park next to them.

The weather sucked, I didn't get much sleep and I didn't get to wheel much. Over all I had a great weekend because I got to meet some cool guys and talk about wheelin' in person.

Ceg / Clay
Clay Graham

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