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Default TSF OHV Trails Re-Open 9/20/12 @ 1:00am


Industrial Fire Precaution Level Zone NW-1 will be going to Level 1 and NW-2 & NW-3 will be going to Level 2 effective 01:00 am, Thursday, September 20th. Please distribute this information to all of your operators.

The Non-Industrial Chainsaw waiver and the OHV waiver are now applicable. The OHV trails in the Browns Camp, Jordan Creek, Diamond Mill, and Trask and the trails in the BLM Nestucca Riding Area are OPEN.

Effective 9/20/12 for NW-1:

LEVEL I Closed Season:

Fire precaution requirements are in effect. A Fire Watch/Security is required at this and all higher levels unless otherwise waived.

Effective 9/20/12 for NW-2 & NW-3:

LEVEL II - Partial Hootowl:

The following may operate only between the hours of 8 P.M. and 1 P.M. local time:

power saws except at loading sites;

cable yarding;


welding or cutting of metal.

Fire watch waiver is still in effect:

IFPL 1 = I hour
IFPL 2 = 2 hours
IFPL 3 = 3 hours
IFPL 4 = Shutdown

Once the official proclamation is prepared, it will be posted here:
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