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Our small group has tried to borrow beg and barter for equipment with only one generus unamed person willing to help us with equipment needs so far.

We chose not to collect money from people before we had a green light to build trail because we didn't want to ask people for there hard earned money so we could squarel it away in a bank account and give nothing in return. Well like I said there's trail on the ground come check it out.

A guy from Northern WA donated a bunch of fuel for the cause. I don't know his name but he's the man.

Dozers and mini excavators run about $700 a day, $2000 a week. As a small group we don't have that kind of money just laying around that we can front.

Not to sound like a **** but I find it hard to beleave that nodody has access to equipment and could help out for a day or two.

If I'm wrong than I guess you could call me a **** or whatever else you want to call me but there has to be somebody or group that can help out on this.

If we are the only ones that show up to build this trail it just confirms the enviromentlist arguement that the ohv comunity is small and isn't interested in creating responsible land use areas. This project could fall apart with out the help of local wheelers. We need your help, I hope I didn't offend anybody I just wanted to get your attention.

Check out or the La Dee facbook page just do something or never complain about having places to wheel or trail closures again.

If you have equipment we will cover fuel cost maybe even for transport to and from the site. we also have trucks and trailers to haul it.

Forgive any mispelling, its not my strong suit.
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