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Here is the initial Run Report for Pick Up a Mountain on the Peak Putters' site. Thanks Dave.

Originally Posted by TJDave
Another Region 4 PNW4WDA Pick up a Mountain is in the books. As usual, it was a great time with lots of great people. This year was the most people that I have ever seen at any PUAM. An added bonus was a strong PeakPutter showing. 8)
Barb and I arrived early Thursday afternoon to secure a spot. Curtis arrived that evening and we spread our stuff around. Between the PeakPutters and the Desert Rats, we filled up the whole west end of the park.
One of the great things about PUAM is that you can choose any trail or area to clean up. And that's exactly what we did. We (TJDave family, Iaccocca family, Desert Rats Earl Nettlin, and my buddy Leonard with his wife, and my other buddy Kevin and wife) chose the easier, virtually dust free, Naches Pass Trail. Tim Followed ED somewhere around Clover Springs area? Curtis, Steve and sons went on another journey somewhere else. (I'll let them tell their own stories.)

Anyway, enough blah blah, it was a lot of fun. I'm still transferring pics, but here is some campsite teasers to get the run report going. I'll post the rest very soon.

For more, see...
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