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We continue to build trail, cause thats what we love to do. Here's some examples of last weeks work.

after watching my little TJ and the FJ40 crawl through the obstacles with no sweat we put back on our thinking caps and dug it out some more, moved some rock placed some more and beefed up the frame twister section. This is going to be a pretty sick section of trail.

Those Guys Off Road will be hosting a meeting tomorrow night at Round Table to discuss the trail build, the OHV system, and fund raising events. Our meetings are open to the public so come on down. The address is
4141 Northeast 122nd Avenue, Portland, OR

and heres a link to it on Google Map for you folks as well.

We are also back out on the trail this weekend making the epic happen. Come out and lend a hand, meet the crew, enjoy the show and run the trail. Things to bring this weekend....

Metal rake
Extinguisher or 1 gallon of water (not to mention water to drink, its hot and dusty on the trail)
Snatch blocks
Your rig with a winch
a sense of humor
a little more patience
a smile

We'll be out there all weekend starting Friday morning, so come up when you can, hang out while you can, and help us build some trail for all of us to enjoy!

Sad but true side note.... there is a fire ban in effect. If your thinking of camping, bring some extra clothes, it gets a bit chilly now at night, and no fires are currently allowed in the forest. Better to put on a sweatshirt, than burn down our new OHV trail.
Those Guys Off Road
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