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Originally Posted by Bri&Bub Off-Road View Post
i am the events director for double black diamond off road and we are planning on starting a magazine for the pacific nw area for the everyday guy. we plan on putting on car shows and event and the ramp would come in very handy. we are low on funds as we are just getting started so we were wondering if you would be interested in a trade for some free advertisement in the magazine, on the website and/or at events in exchange for the ramp. let me know if you think of anything and please feel free to email me directly at
I wish you the best of luck with your magazine... but to be honest, I get 3-4 requests similar to this every month. I used to donate/trade tons of products and none of the trade deals have panned out and I usually loose my rear end.

If you are a PNW4WDA supporting business and you would like to "borrow" my ramp to promote your events and the PNW4WDA... I can help you, but I am not interested in trading it off at this time.
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