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Default Timberwolves January run to French's Canyon

The Yakima Valley Timberwolves ran French's Canyon, just west of Tieton WA, on January 19th for our run of the month. Here are some pics I took on our long day in the snow.

We all met up at the end of the county road, start of the trail head at 10am.

We took a break here so Nick could catch his breath after chipping the ice from the second gate to open it.

Early on, Animal broke his transfer case and had to be towed back to the trailer.

Then we stopped at a campground for lunch.

Caveman brought the grill and we all had a hotdog or two.

We took a left near the camp to come out the low road. That's where I got fouled up a few times. It was a tough pull through the draw.

We finally reached the top just past sunset. All downhill from here.

Finding our way out in the dark.

Fun was had by all, another chance to get out of the fog and play in the snow.
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