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Default next twig meeting (april)

Hello Trails and Wilderness Interest Group (TWIG) Member!

The next TWIG meeting will be April 2nd at 7PM at the Naches Ranger Station.

**Jacquie’s has issued a fun challenge/assignment/project to TWIG Members:

Bring in a conceptual design of a potential TWIG logo for April’s meeting – we’re looking for logo ideas – it does NOT have to be professionally designed for April’s meeting.

I’ve added the meeting notes below (comments that I was able to capture) to give you idea of the thoughts that were shared and why a logo sounds like a great idea – maybe this will help your thought process!

At the January TWIG Meeting, Jacquie asked the group what they thought about a potential name change from TWIG. A lively, thoughtful discussion followed. Some of the comments I captured from the discussion included:
• There’s value in consistency
• We like it the way it is
• We could come up with a list of names
• It’s a good idea if it would appeal to a broader range of folks
• How about concentrating on educating the public about TWIG?
• Change the way press releases are written to make sure others know they are welcome and they know what TWIG is.
• Changing the name won’t change the people who come
• How about FUG? (Forest User Group) or TWIG FUG?
• Make a list to see what topics are covered and then consider what the name should be.
• A lot of understanding has been generated between user groups in TWIG.
• This group has been looked at as a model – it is not that common. There were many groups when this TWIG started, but many have fallen by the wayside.
• The District personnel also have to give their time too to make this work.
• It’s like a TWIG with branches. Each branch is a user group Tires, hooves, feet, skis, saws, etc.
• How about a LOGO? We could make a decal? Has there ever been one? People would ask others about their sticker –a conversation starter. Maybe an art teacher could help?

If you have questions about the LOGO please ask and we’ll see you in April!

Sue Ranger

Susan Ranger
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