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Thanks to your help Senate Bill SB5391 was passed by the Senate Natural Resources Committee by a vote of six to one! Only Senator Kline voted against it and he always votes against anything that is good for motorized recreation.

Because the Discover Pass is such a politically sensitive issue SB5361 has now been referred to the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

The issue is the DNR is misapplying the Discover Pass requirement for dual registered vehicles and saying that if you have a street plate then you must have a Discover Pass too. They are choosing to ignore the law that clearly says that the Discover Pass is only required if a street plate is required.

This bill simply clarifies that vehicles with a valid offroad vehicle permit at locations where offroad vehicle activity is allowed are exempt from the Discover Pass requirements.

See link:

As original written, the Discover Pass legislation enacted in 2011 limited the requirement to motor vehicles required to be licensed for street use. The intent was to exempt offroad vehicle where offroad vehicle use is allowed because access to these areas is funded by the purchase of an offroad vehicle (ORV) use permit.

To require the purchase of a Discover Pass in addition to the ORV permit would be charging these vehicle owners twice for the exact same public land access.

ORV owners supporting this bill are willing to continue to pay their fair share, but not multiple times for the same thing.

If you support SB5391, the Senate Ways and Means Committee needs to hear from you.

Senate Ways & Means Committee

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