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Default February 2013 Minutes

Region 2 Delegates Meeting
February 21st
Tacoma, WA

Director Dan Morris called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for the sick and departed was observed.

Secretary’s Report: Derrick Clark of Rednecks and Rugrats Jeep Club made a motion to accept secretary’s report as written, Connie Largen of Rainier Ruffians seconded, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Region 2 clubs need to start donating more money to cover the funds that were paid out to purchase a trailer for DNR to haul the equipment they purchased, ($2,000 was donated by Moonshiners, and $2,000 donated by Region 2) so we can get the money all back in the account. Clubs need to come up with the funds that they pledged, a list of the clubs that have pledged to donate but not paid will be located and addressed. We need to get the back account back over the $3000. Two checks were brought to the meeting tonight, totaling almost $1,000 that has been received. Derrick Clark of Rednecks and Rugrats Jeep Club made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Gary Marshall of Lake Tapps Turtles seconded, motion passed.

We Did It/Club Power: There are new forms out, supposed to be posted on the PNW4WDA website. Please write legibly to ensure it is all read correctly. So far there is none for Evans Creek, none for Elbe, and only little bit for Tahuya. Please come up with some paperwork so the government will see it. We are all volunteers and we need to remember that, everything you do is appreciated.

Naches: A work party will be planned and announced as soon as possible after the trails are re-opened; weather permitting. It will be before Trail Jamboree 2013. There is a bunch of stuff that has to be moved from the highway up to the trail. It is very hard to do on the weekends when the trails get opened because of the trail usage, so it is possible it will be during the week. As of now the seasonal closure is still in effect.

Evans Creek: Still closed.

Elbe: Equipment trailer has been received by DNR, stickers of all the clubs that donate will be put on the trailer donated by Region 2. The Bobby Long Memorial Run (hosted by Watch This Fourwheelerz, a non-PNW4WDA club) was a success; about $9,000 was raised and donated to the family.

Tahuya: 84 North was rerouted about a mile south, and is working pretty well. Water levels are definitely down, believe it or not.

Land Matters: You can go to and look up the legislator information, please send them a letter, give them a call, or email them and ask them to support Senate Bill 5391. This will force DNR to accept ORV tags, meaning you can dual register your off highway vehicle and it will be accepted the same as a discover pass. You have to take your title AND current registration in with you to get them dual registered. Not all licensing offices will dual registered, so call around and check to make sure there is one in your area. All the money from ORV tags goes to the ORV fund rather than to other miscellaneous places. Cutoff date for bills that are written is February 22nd. 5391 has 6-1 support, make sure you contact your legislator and tell them you want it passed. It really does make a big difference. Sadie Creek has been taken care of Just Jeep Junkies, but now needs a new club to take over. Around The Sound is a new internet based club who has joined the PNW4WDA, and has about 132 members so far. They have offered to take over Sadie Creek. Quadra Paws has offered their help to Around The Sound to assist in maintaining Sadie Creek. Region 1 would like to take Sadie Creek and mesh it into their responsibility, but have asked since it is in Region 2’s area. They would like all their clubs to work together to keep it maintained and open. Jim Putman is having a meeting next month (March 18, 2013) with Forest Service, which will include some of the higher ups, to discuss our wants and needs for trails for the north end of the state. Kathy Greenwood’s husband went up to Forest Service today, and it has been requested that anyone with an intelligent view or comment on the situation to please be at the meeting. They would like another presence other than just Jim to represent us. If you would like to be present at the meeting please contact Jim Putman.

ORV Watch: No Report

Letter Writing: No Report

Way & Means: New canvas tote bags will be at the swap meet, you can purchase one for $25 each. There is also a new full-zip up sweatshirt.

Membership: White Knuckles are back in Region 2, welcome back!

Public Relations: Diana will be at the swap meet. If you have an event coming up and would like flyers available to the public at the swap meet just give them to her and they will be set on the PR table.

Future 4-Wheelers: No logo designs have been received yet. You can be a part of Future 4-Wheelers up till your 21st birthday. Please take it back to your clubs and get all the kids involved. There will be a prize for the winning logo. The deadline to enter your logo is July 4th, 2013. Get those logos in!

Competition: 3 proposed rule changes at winter convention, steering brake class (failed to pass), 2 wheel drive class (passed), and side by side (passed). Insurance for playdays is pushing that all races be based on convention rules, so at your playdays ALL convention rules will be now have to be enforced. Sound meters will be at every race, John O’Brien can test your rig for you if you would like. 9 races are on the calendar so far. Independent race committee would like us to host Region 2 runoffs at their race. Over The Hill Gang tryouts will be at Mud Daubers race. Competition committee is asking for donations to build a trailer for a water tank that can be hauled behind a regular truck, so we have something to haul to other races to water the tracks. They already have a water tank and a frame for a trailer, so water pumps, hose reels, steel, etc are greatly appreciated. Doo Wop Ditty Dirt Club will be moving their playday to a different date, which will be announced soon. So far no Barrels Extravaganza is on the calendar, but it is being discussed. Tacoma Webfooters will be having their playday at Straddeline ORV Park. Moonshiner’s will be posting clues in Tri-Power to tell where their race is, so be on the look out! Competition Committee is working on getting new hard copies of the competition books, it is online though if you would like to go online and view it or print it off.

Old Business: April 20th is the Jim Sprick Park work party, if you go to that then you get 2 days free camping before Trail Jamboree 2013 so you can come in earlier. There will be a snow run that Sunday (April 21st) so bring your trail rig to the Jim Sprick Park clean up and have some fun! There is an Operation Shore Patrol planning meeting on March 6th. It is NOT an open meeting; it is for board members only.

New business: Winter Convention has been bid on by Region 3, more information to follow. Saturday May 18th, White River High School in Buckley will be having a car, 4x4, etc show and would like to incorporate some of our rigs. April 14th, Triple X in Issaquah will be having a car show. Vendor passes for Moonshiners swap meet were mailed out February 21st, 2013.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jessica Bailey, Outcast 4x4
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