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Default Re: 2013 Legislative Bills

Originally Posted by Art Waugh View Post
Since I am not up on WA regs on the OHV tabs, would like some clarification. In OR, our Class II permits for 4x4's are required on public land anytime the vehicle is being used as an OHV. We also have a reciprical agreement with WA, on all of our classes of OHV.

Looking for the regs up there on when OHV tabs are required and if this revision to Discover goes through exempting OHV tabbed vehicles or dual registered rigs, will this apply to out of state vehicles with valid OHV permits in their state of registration if a reciprocity agreement is in effect.

This is something that should be clarified for the out of staters, and addressed if it does not apply.
What is happening is there are some dual-registered vehicles out there, i.e., they have a license plate for road use as well as an ORV sticker.. The law says that if you have a license plate, then you must have the Discover Pass. If you have an ORV sticker on your vehicle (whether it be a 4x4 or a off-road motorcycle that has been upgraded to be street legal under last year's SB5800), then you do NOT need the Discover pass.

For reasons unknown, the DNR is misapplying the law. They are saying that if you have a license plate, you must have the Discover Pass even if you also have an ORV sticker.

If you are referring to HB 1755 (or the companion SB 5391), the purpose of those identical bills is to clarify that if you have both a license plate AND an ORV sticker, you do NOT need the Discover Pass.
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