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Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association -
2009 Winter Convention
February 13th-15th, 2009

On Friday February 13th, 2009 I meet up with Rick aka Wildman and Ron aka at the Clarion Hotel in Yakima, Washington to give an internet class at for the PNW4WDA Winter Convention. EagleMark came to give us a hand with the class. Here are a few pictures from that night.

They had Valve Cover Races across the room.

Beer down the hall.

One of the Valve Cover Racers

After the beer ran out we moved to the bar few a few drinks.
Some of the people did karaoke and others suffered hearing it. LOL

On Saturday February 14th, 2009 I headed back to the PNW4WDA Winter Convention to sit through the meeting.
I was not there log when I had to leave to pickup my wife and sister-in-law because their car broke down.

By the time I got back everyone went to lunch.
I had the pleasure to go to lunch with some of the Admins on the PNW4WDA Forum. Admins, thanks for inviting me!

After lunch we went back to the meeting. The meeting was over around 4 PM.
The meeting was very interesting.

After the meeting I went home to pick up my wife.
We were back before 6 PM for social hour, dinner and dance.
Here are some pictures of the night.

The Shindig Wheelers invited us to sit at their table.
Shindig Wheelers, thank you! We had a great time at your table.

Shindig Wheelers

The Pres has something to say!

John Richter won the Valve Cover Races.

Can't forget the dancing.

It's a Jeep thing!

This night was very fun and we can't wait to do it again.

Over all the Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association 2009 Winter Convention was great.
Thanks to everyone the helped make this happen.
Clay Graham

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