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Default Some comments...

A short note to U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings' District Director, Barb Lisk:


Got a call from Doc's phone Town Hall last night! Was cool to be asked to join the conversation, but, as seems to always be the case, I had to run to other duties...

My main question was going to be, again, on the "sue and settle" situation with various land "management" agencies. With this bladderpod silliness popping up here, I'm hoping a few more folks around the area start getting a clue as to just what is going on! What I would like to see is all of this get kicked to the curb so we can get some reality and logic back in the conversation and do it right. The "green" bunch's use of ESA as a weapon of intimidation has to come to a stop!

Another issue I am really getting annoyed with is the abuse of the Equal Justice act! Talk about getting twisted beyond recognition! My money going to a bunch of self entitled (insert descriptive phrase of choice) who sue the feds to get their way needs to be put to an end. The USFS doesn't have enough money properly do their job, but have money to pay CBD's legal fees?!

I am also going to call foul on .org groups like the Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy getting grants from taxpayer money, then using it to buy land that has been historically open to many uses, then closing off access to those who have used that ground! A glaring example is Independence Lake in northern California. I would very much like some comment on this.

As always, you have an open invitation to join us for a meeting or any of our activities, and that does include Doc! We would enjoy having you along.


Dave Walters
Tri Cities Peak Putters 4x4 Club
Land Use Coordinator
Kennewick, WA
Dave Walters
Tri Cities Peak Putters
Land Use Coordinator

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