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Originally Posted by raspberry View Post
You know Merrick anyone can attend the Board meetings. We love having guests.
I think I will only attend Region Meetings, they pertain more to the areas I am most interested in.

Last time I was at a BOD meeting the chair gave me the floor. I criticized a program and offered an idea. The chair called me out of order. The chair moved on. None of which appeared in the minutes.

I've been to Region meetings and offered an idea. I was told by a BOD member that if I wanted to take the idea and run with it fine. If not then I should not bring up such ideas. That the BOD is busy enough without taking on more. No discussion was given to the idea, just a flat dismissal of the idea. Neither that idea nor the BOD member's comments appear in the minutes.

The test is does the BOD listen to communication offered on this forum. I wondered when I posted this idea. I still wonder. I am a member on numerous Boards. Those other Boards do things different from here (as well they should). I only posted something (new idea) that I saw/observed on another board and thought it would be a fit here. Those other boards have no meetings, however your ideas and thoughts are given consideration. Questions seeking clarification of the suggestion are asked (often thru a pm). Some change is possible from a suggestion.

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