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Originally Posted by Art Waugh View Post
I was told years ago that the only way any national info was going to be put on here was in a read only format, well that has been done with the State Directors page, but still not there, It is sent to BOD members to distribute to their people as they see fit. Three threads in the past 24 months, and one of those was on the loss of Ms Cook.

State Directors are pretty good at putting out info as they get it for their areas, but that is as far as it goes, unless one of us peons trips across something and puts it up. I pretty much have gone to the "rely on myself" route to get any thing, unless my State Director puts it up here or it comes down via email, or I see it in the local fish wrapper

Yeah, the BOD needs to be more active and proactive on this thing and it has been told to them multiple times, and most won't get it or do it. But yet they want this Association to grow. Go figure. When I could no longer perform the duties of the position I had, I gave it up and handed it to someone else. We seem to have some on the BOD that like the status of the job and the perks, but really don't fulfill the entire duty spectrum.

More hate mail coming my way now........
I agree with most of what your saying Art but please realize that it is a double edged sword as well. I like yourself ask for letters on all sorts of action needed items and I use this site as well as my rather large e-mail distribution list (of which I believe you Dave and Merrick are all on) seldom do I see letters written and fewer yet copies sent back to me for our records. We have multiple landchairs but seldom do I get reports from local goings on. Since I have been the WA. state director this round I have put on 3 State landmatters meetings (at the delegates request) and yet the attendance at these meeting has been dismal at best to the point of being embarrassing in regards to the guest speakers that I have asked to attend. I could go on but you get the point. I do appreciate what you and Dave and Merick post and I do try and keep up with all of it but as with everyone else Life is busy. Right now we just found out that CleElum district (USFS) is planning on closing approx. 23 miles of roads in the Liberty area So as I learn more I will be sending out a cry for help and we will do what we can
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