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While at the ledge we stopped and had a good hot trail lunch and BS session

On the move again

Another cool climb

Down trees make for an interesting challenge

Then the snow started to really pick up

While following along things started to get slick. Kenny ended up in the trees and had to winch out to avoid doing more damage

Wheeling rigs look better with trail rash!

Then I got my front pumpkin hung up on a stump with all four tires on ice and no where to go.

Towards the end of the 197 trail there is a mini rock garden that is optional. We chose to run it!

After the mini rock garden there is another 2 minutes of trail and you pop out onto a road where you can go straight or make a hard right onto the 198 trail better known as the big rock garden. Most of us gave it a shot.

The buggy making it look easy

Hung up on a rock

The grocery getter gittin it done!

Paul and his super low CJ-7 on 37's crawling through the maze of boulders with ease

I will be coming back to the Hood River OHV area in the near future!
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