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I submit the following correction to the meeting minutes:

There are no USFS System Trails being lost in the Nelli Restoration Project. None, Nadda, Zip. What is being lost are User built horse trails that generally speaking have no motorized use. None of the user built trails have been included in the 25 miles of ROAD scheduled for closure. These user built trails received no consideration as if they do not exist. The roads that are being closed are old spur roads that in almost every case have another road that parallels another road (ie: if a drainage has a road going up each side of the drainage one of the roads is scheduled for closure) (ie: multiple roads go to the same common ending, one road will remain, the others will be closed).

It is interesting to note that a suggestion was made to the Quad community that this closure would be a good opportunity to work with the FS on a Road to Trail conversion. No comments on the matter were received.

The Horse Community is up in arms about losing their user built trails (although no one will accept responsibility for the trails construction). The Horse community is however working to improve their staging area and hopefully restore their trails with FS participation.
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