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I got the same reply from him, and two from others.

Thank you for your message regarding House Bill 2186. This bill
reflects a concept created in the Governor's office. It was then
referred to the House Committee on Environment and Water (on which I
serve as one of eight members). At the bill's first hearing, held on
Tuesday, February 3rd, I explained to the witnesses from the DEQ that I
was not happy with the concepts contained in the bill. The delegation
of power to the DEQ is far too great and the economic impact of the bill
is too far reaching. The bill will, I am sure, require additional
public hearings.

I represent District 60 (Malheur, Baker, Harney, and part of Grant
County). I am certain that a majority of my constituents will oppose
many of the ideas in the bill, particularly those which will negatively
impact our economy. I would strongly suggest and recommend that you
contact your state representative and share with him (or her) your
thoughts regarding this bill.

Very Truly Yours,

Representative Cliff Bentz
District 60

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your email on HB 2186. While I support measures for
improving our environment, I am opposing this bill in its current form
for a number of reasons including the potential detrimental effects it
has on those in the used-parts industry. As Vice Chair of the House
Environment and Water Committee, you can be sure that I will do all I
can to oppose this bill or amend it to a form that is more acceptable.
Your comments are appreciated.


Representative Vic Gilliam
House District 18
(503) 986-1418
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