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Default Yacolt Burn Updates - via Piston's Wild Motorsports

We hope you will take some time to visit our newly updated website - now with discussion forum and calendar. Our members have been working very hard to get this up and running and we just wanted to share our story...

Images for 2008 & 2009 are updated in the photo gallery - we are still adding images for our DNR projects and 2007 activities - these should be up by the end of February...

Please visit our "New and Improved" Piston's Wild Motorsports website at:

Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Please note that we have five primary goals for this website:

1) to provide communication to all interested parties about our activities in the Yacolt Burn forest as we work with the Department of Natural Resources to create a 4x4 trail system in SW Washington

2) to provide education and peer pressure (when necessary) in an effort to preserve existing off-road recreation and to create new off-road recreation opportunities in the Pacific Northwest

3) to provide a primarily PG-13 internet showcase to share information about the world of off-road motorsports with government agencies, other user groups and individuals who may have a mis-guided image of what off-road recreation is all about

4) to provide a comprehensive calendar of events for all things motorsports with primary attention to 4x4 and other off-road activities

5) a place where Piston's Wild Active club members, applicants and guests and Pistons Wild Internet forum members can interact and share experiences and ideas

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to your feedback and comments on how we can better serve the primary goals listed above.

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