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As was stated, it's for the most part wide open . We have everything from Suzukis and sand rails to full size trucks. We are even introducing a class for the side by side rigs. It is mostly a put into it what you can, and get out of it what you put into it kind of thing. There are classes for mostly stock (street and trail) rigs, and there are classes where some 2800 pound fiberglass and tube chassis rigs with nearly 700 Horse power fit in. Drags is the only time engine cubic inch is a class factor. There are a few race rigs for sale if that fits your ideas and budget?
As you might expect, sefety is our number 1 priority!!
If you have more questions, there are many people that will be willing to supply you with answers. I am more than willing to take the time myself to help you out with answers.
Good luck, and I hope to see you out on the track.
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