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Originally Posted by Big K View Post
It's pretty much all there in the competition section, but I'll hit the high points...

No specific model/vehicle requirement. 4wd required. No requirements for trackwidth, suspension design/configuration or travel, transmission type/manufacturer, or tire size/manufacturer.

Quote from rules;


1) Three (3) Short Wheelbase- (4, 6, 8) cyl through 85”

2) One (1) Medium Wheelbase- (4, 6, 8) cyl 86” through 101”

3) One (1) Long Wheelbase- (4, 6, 8) cyl, 102” and over.

4) One (1) Legends Class. Age 45 and older. No wheelbase breakdown and no cylinder breakdown.

There are no engine or transmission restrictions in the primary class

The above outlines the wheelbase & engine classes. Three different engine size classes in short wheelbase, based upon cylinder, not cubic inch. All medium & long wheelbase run together, regardless of engine size.

As you noted, all safety guidelines & requirements are in the competition section of the website.

Yes, it's pretty wide open. Be safe & have fun!
Where do the buggies (vw) fit in then
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