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It seams there is about a 50/50 split between running the front end open, and running some sort of limited slip in the front. Most of the racers run 30-31 inch tires, it seams to be about the smallest size you can get in a variety of tread patterns, and it helps keep the center of gravity lower. Ground clearance is usually not an issue.

As for the buggies, there is a 2wd class that was set up for the buggies and sand rails to come play too. I know it is a 4 wheel drive association, but realistically the only reason to not want them to be out there playing with us, is the buggie guys and gals that do come to the PNW races are very good drivers, and it is not uncommon to see them running off for top eliminater against the big motor guys, and winning.

I personally enjoy seeing them out there running with us, and am looking forward to our new side by side class growing.
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