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Originally Posted by Big K View Post
Someone will clue you in to who has the mold for the FG "racer" shells. I think I know who, but it might have moved since then?

No more than 31's. keep it low. Lots are running radials now, myself included. Different schools of thought...???

My old rig was open, my current has PL. It's also short and underpowered. I might be faster in it. Might not. Because it's short? Posi front? The other one had more HP & I can't keep my foot out of it-always out of shape? I just can't drive?

Who knows? I really don't care. I still keep comiong out to the races...
I "believe" Dan Bowers and a partner have the molds for the jeep shells. Donny (tweak101 on here) had a nice fiberglass flatfender tub for sale for about $300 He is down south at the King of the hammers race but you could pm him anyway.
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