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Default BLM Issues Seasonal Closure

Effective on March 1st, public lands managed by the Spokane District Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - Franklin Co.) in the NW portion of the Juniper Dunes, will be temporarily closed to motorized vehicles. This closure prohibits the use of any type of motorized vehicles from March 1 to August 15 - notice stating "for the protection of wildlife and botanical resources." Violation can result in a $1000 fine and/or imprisonment not to exceed twleve months.

The notice has been published in the Federal Register - a copy of the order and map of the closed area are available for viewing at:

For more information about the closure, you may call the BLM Spokane District Office (509) 536-1200 - visit or write the District Office at 1103 North Fancher Road, Spokane WA. 99212

Arlene Brooks, WA. State Director
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