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Default 4x4 Image - Perception -vs- Reality

Here is the real story (behind the lion story)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Final Phase of the Dole Valley Restoration Project – IS ON!

Sunday - March 1, 2009

NOTE: Please carpool where possible as parking is limited at the work site.

There will be NO OPPORTUNITIES for off-roading on this day - only gravel service roads are open at this time for 4x4 or ATV operation.

Be prepared to crawl over a rock barricade and hike approximately 1-mile on uneven terrain to access the work area. We will likely be working in muddy/wet conditions. Rubber boots are almost a necessity. The weather forecast calls for rain and about 40° - rain gear might be a good idea.

Bring work gloves and sharp pruning shears and/or loppers if you have them. We will be taking cuttings from vegetation in the area (Willows etc) and replanting them in the previously damaged areas. This project should take about 2-3 hours.

This is a sensitive wetlands area that was severely damaged by illegal 4x4’s last Spring. Our crew went in and repaired the damage on the ground in August of 2008. This work party is the effort to go back in and replant vegetation in the damaged areas so that it can continue to heal itself. Dan Friesz is the DNR biologist that will be working with us on this project tomorrow.

This was one of those "situations" that increased the tension between the 4X4 community and DNR and Fish & Wildlife in regards to the future of the Yacolt Burn recreation opportunities. Our involvement with this project has had a tremendous impact on the 4x4 recreationist image with some very high levels of the DNR. As an added bonus, Fish & Wildlife has backed down at this time.
I have attached a few progression pictures of the damaged site taken last spring immediatly following the damage and then again in August during the first phase of the restoration project and finally, pictures from Sunday, March 1, 2009 immediately following the replanting work party.

#1 SPRING 2008

#1 AUGUST 2008

#1 3/1/09 REPLANTING

#2 SPRING 2008

#2 AUGUST 2008

#1 3/1/09 REPLANTING

Since posting the "lion story" yesterday, I've had some people imply that I may have photoshopped some of the images and brought props with me into the forest in a pre-planned effort to create the "lion" story.

In actuality, the storyline did not come to me until Monday, when I was reviewing the pictures taken by our designated photographer (Rick Dominiak). At the time, I was preparing to write a 4x4 Public Relations story to sumbit to the Columbian. I was in a bit of a funk about the whole task because I just knew that no matter how careful I was in writing the story and submitting pictures that the Columbian (a known anti-motorized publication) would either twist my words or just ignore the story in its entirety.

I then decided to write a storyline that might actually get pubished and sneak in the facts about the 4x4 group restoring a wetland and leave it up to the public to determine what was more believable -- a lion in the Yacolt Burn or a 4x4 group restoring a wetland area...

About the pics -- both "lion" pics are real images (not edited). That is Bill's dog "Macey" - she has skin alergies and they sometimes shave her to alleviate the itch - the groomer thought it might be funny to do a "lion cut" this time around. Bill is an applicant member for Piston's Wild - he obviously possesses the twisted sense of humor required to be a full fledged member...

One of the problems with this area is that is was used pretty regularly for dumping garbage. The "tree phone" was actually a phone, that we found, in a tree as we were leaving the work area. Darel was being funny - Rick snapped the pic.

The picture of Dan Friesz (who is actually a DNR biologist) was taken while he was giving the group our orientation about which end of the cutting to place into the ground and how deep to plant them.

So there you have it -- "The True Story" - not nearly as entertaining but still worth posting.

Special thanks go out to the "PNW (Fullsize) 4x4" Internet club from St. Helens, Oregon who came out to help: Randy Timmerman, Dan Hinkel and Kat Freeman and the kids (Destinee, Tiara and Kolby)

Kudos to our two new applicant club members, Bill Hutchens and Jon Halleaux who have been huge work party supporters since the very first day we met them - someday we'll actually go wheelin' -- I promise...

And as always, thank you to my club members: Darel Crowder, Rick & Kira Dominiak, Lance & Margaret Scheidler, Dave Huttula, Bill Meyer and Bill Manbeck - this project would just be dust in the wind without your ongoing dedication...

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