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Originally Posted by EagleMark View Post
Brings back old memories as I lived there until 1986. Spent many days on the beach fishing, many evenings watching the sun set, many nights camped in the dunes.

It was only a couple years before that the beach was open all the way to and past Santa Maria. Point mago (sp) now that was a beutiful drive from the town of Pismo or the entrances in Oceano.
My parents use to go there a lot for ocean thing. I was only there once and loved it. I read that they are closing a lot of the dunes off because of the tree huggers.

Brings back old memories for me as well. That was the year I got out of the Army and bought the Jimmy. I wheel California and then Washington where ever I found a place to go by word of mouth. To bad we didn't have the net back then. I had the Jimmy 18 years. I miss that old truck.
I have me another Jimmy now but it will not see near as the places since so much has changed over the years with areas to wheel.

Originally Posted by JeepNirvana View Post
Another Awesome Ceg Report.

Thanks for sharing....
Clay Graham

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