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Us'ta have a 96' Tahoe. All it needed was a Brake controller and a weight dist. hitch. It towed a YJ on a trailer all over the Northwest and Southwest. Kinda slow going at times.

The weight dist. hitch completly does away with the need for airbags or overloads. Why make the rear able to carry more weight then tighten up the weight dist hitch and remove the weight??

The only problem this Tahoe ever had (sold at 215K miles) that came from towing was it went thru an outer axle bearing (proabaly the high mileage did it in).

If I were to do anything over again it would be to beef the rear axle by replacing the 10 bolt with a 12 or 14 bolt. That's all you would maybe need to do. We put 100k hard miles on the rig. Darn good tow rig for what we spent on it.
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