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Default Sept 2005 - Ahtanum Labor Day Run

Here is another old report I would like to share:

All Wheelers Off Road Club -
2005 Labor Day Run at the Ahtanum

On Friday Mischief Maker, Cary, Test Dummy, Monster, Bubz and I (Ceg) went up to Tree Phones and set up camp for the weekend. Randy came up just for the day. After camp was set up we headed out. We took the Quarry Trail, Flat Tire Loop, ****ant Trail and then the Breakdown Trail to the Mid Fork Ahtanum Rd. We ran the Mid Fork to Eagle Nest and then on up to Darland Mountain.

After Darland we headed to Blue Lake. At this point Mischief Maker had to head back to camp to get ready to go to a concert. Randy, Test Dummy and I headed up to Blue Slide Lookout.

Above Blue Lake on the way to Blue Slide Lookout

Blue Slide Lookout

After looking off Blue Slide Lookout, we headed out Jackass Rd. to the Ahtanum Sno-park and onto Sedge Ridge Crest Trail.

Sedge Ridge Crest Trail

We ran Sedge Ridge Crest Trail around Cultus Hole and then dropped down to Tree Phones. Randy headed back home from there. 99 showed up with my truck and camper right after Randy left. Mischief Maker and Cary back late that night.


Our camp at Tree Phones

After breakfast we headed toward Trail 613. We made it almost to Blue Slide Lookout when Mischief Maker's rig had some carb problems. This rig would stay running when climbing the long steep hill. We turned around and head out toward the North Fork Ahtanum Rd.

We took a break from the dust here on the Blue Lake Cut off Trail

After our break we head out the North Fork to the Whites Ridge cross over trail. We took it across to the Mid Fork and down to the Ahtanum Sno-park. From there we ran up to Red Saddle and hit the Sedge Ridge Crest Trail. We went up the trail until Mischief Maker's rig couldn't make it up a steep rock climb because of the carb. We had to turn around and go back to Red Saddle. From there we dropped over to the South Fork Ahtanum Rd and ran it around back to the Sedge Ridge Crest Trail.

Sedge Ridge Crest Trail

We took the Sedge Ridge Crest Trail around Cultus Hole and then dropped down to Tree Phones to our camp.

Sunday's 613 Run

Sunday Test Dummy and 99 went to town for fuel for the XJs. After they got back we head toward Trail 613 again. This time we went the way of Jackass Rd. to get there. That was a long way around from Tree Phones but we made it to the 613 this time. We headed on down 613 nice and slow. It was a little tight in some spots in the deep woods.

After the deep woods, we came out to a flat area before the next climb. This is where the Gray Rock Trail meets 613.

After a short break we headed up the mountain through the Dome Peak fire's burnt trees.

Dome Peak in the back ground.

Dome Peak Cut Off

A nice meadow over looking the Yakima Valleys

Now it is back down. These were some big rocks we had to cross.

Strobach Mountain

This was our last stop on 613. It was getting cold up on Divide Ridge.

Mischief Maker and his rig parked on the point

We could see a storm when looking off the ridge. You could see big wakes on Rimrock Lake.

99 and Mischief Maker checking out some Mountain Goats

You can see Dome Peak on the right side of the picture above my the drives side ORV light on my rig

We left Strobach Mountain by going down toward South Fork Cowiche Creek Rd. That was a cool trail. It had a lot of low branches and I hit my lights quit a few times. At C1000 we headed on out A5000 to North Fork Ahtanum Rd. We then went back to camp at Tree Phones.

Monday we packed up and went home. We had a great time.
Clay Graham

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