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Default Colville National Forest Travel Management Meetings

The three meetings on March 28 (this Saturday), April 25, and May 9 are working meetings to help the Forest Service develop a proposed action for the NEPA process (they have not yet decided whether it will be an EA or full EIS). These will be all day Saturday meetings, starting at 9:00AM and going until 3:00PM or later.

From the introductory meeting on March 19, it looks like the remaining meetings will each be three separate meetings (one for Chewelah Creek, one for Calispell Creek, and one for Tacoma Creek) going on at the same time and place.

March 28 - Where we are, background information, general issues, review of project proposals made at the last round of Travel Management meetings.

April 25 - The real work of discussing the old project proposals, making new proposals, issues with the proposals and how to resolve the issues.

May 9 - Field trip to view and discuss some of the proposals and issues.

I plan to be at all of the meetings, but can cover only one of the areas, since the others will be discussed separately at the same time.
A couple of other people will be at the March 28 and May 9 meetings, but are unable to make it to the April 25 meeting. (The North Idaho Trailblazers' Cabin Fever Run is that day. Many people are working at or participants in that event.)

If anyone can make it to these meetings (preferably all of them, but especially the April 25 meeting), please let me know.
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