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Default Peril On The Rubicon


The famed Rubicon trail is in danger of being closed to wheeled motor vehicles because of supposed water quality issues. For further info, please visit:

We need your help NOW!

In order to insure access all year long on the Rubicon Trail, we need as many of these affidavits presented to the CA Water Authority as possible. The document MUST be FAXED in before March 31st.

Please copy the following affidavit, print it out, sign it and date it, and then FAX it to:
888.6.RUBICON (678-2426)
Secondary fax 530-644-5234
Third fax 818-729-9258
Fourth fax 916-444-6915

** Download the Affidavit here (PDF file) **

If you have NEVER been on the Rubicon, use this affidavit
(use this one ONLY if you have NEVER been on the Rubicon before

Affidavit on
Rubicon Trail Use
1. My full name is ________________________________.
(Print name)
2. The information contained in this affidavit is based upon my
personal knowledge.
3. I plan on visiting the Rubicon Trail, as either a driver or
passenger, this coming year and/or in future years.
4. I consider myself to be an avid off-highway recreationist.
5. If the Rubicon Trail is closed, for any reason and at any time of
the year, I will choose, at the same time of the year, a different trail in
El Dorado County or an adjacent foothill county, to recreate in my, or
as a passenger in someone else’s, off-highway vehicle.
I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of
California that the foregoing is true and correct
Date: ______________________, 2009
(Month and day)

And how the CBD is pushing this issue:

Protect the Rubicon From Off-road Vehicle Damage

The Rubicon Trail was once an American Indian footpath that was later used by trappers and explorers as a route through the Sierra Nevada. The trail runs through an important watershed and sensitive red-legged frog and Yosemite toad habitat on the Eldorado and Tahoe national forests. But today, the trail is sorely abused by thousands of off-road vehicles that cause extensive damage as they maneuver the steep and rocky trail.

Recognizing the problems inherent in off-road vehicle use on public lands, the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board recently issued a draft Cleanup and Abatement Order for the Rubicon Trail that cites "mismanagement resulting in water quality impacts which include sediment discharges to surface waters, human sanitation problems and soil and water contamination." The order mandates decreased vehicle use and the termination of sediment and waste discharge. If adopted, the order would be a positive first step in addressing the destructive off-road vehicle traffic that is degrading water quality in the area and threatening both human and environmental health, including the destruction of rare riparian habitat.

This move to do what is legally and scientifically justified will likely be met with great opposition by those who want unfettered motorized access to the Rubicon. Please act now: Tell the Regional Board that you support this long overdue action and ask it to adopt the order.
Dave Walters
Tri Cities Peak Putters
Land Use Coordinator

It's a Scout thing
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