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I would love to have RubyDoo down there to help represent the PNW4WDA. In fact we could use several more trail rigs !! At this time they are asking us to bring in our rigs on Friday between noon and about 8:00 pm, or on Sat before 8:30 am ish. I will check if we can add more rigs on Sunday. In eather case I would welcome any assistance with the Demonstration booth, and I am sure Diana would like some company in the PR booth. Remember this is an invitation to the PNW4WDA, not just Region 2.
As a side note, this would be a great oppertunity for all the clubs that are hosting events open to the public to promote there events at the PNW4WDA PR Booth!
Admission is free to this event for everyone

Lets show everyone why the PNW4WDA is THE association to be a part of!!!
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