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Originally Posted by Dirtball View Post
ok, just bringing this back up to the top. the field is now about half full. i was talking to a writer (Chris) from the Sacramento office of 4Wheeler Magazine yesterday and he is interested in coming up and covering this event for one of the publications. He spoke with Rick Pewe' who actually ran and won this event when it was held in Oregon. I am trying to convince them into putting their own team together . So no more excused Guy & Gals, is not an excuse either...!!! come out & play, i guarentee you a time to rememeber!(happy bouncing dirtball)
The only bad thing is if they put together a team, the only pic's they will get of the winners is when My TEAM IS ACCEPTING OUR TROPHY AGAIN

Yep, we're back to defend our title
Strange things are afoot at the Circle K
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