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Default Pacific Northwest Backroad Adventures Slab Run (April 4, 09)

Pacific Northwest Backroad Adventures -
Slab Run
April 4th, 2009

The Pacific Northwest Backroad Adventures Group invited the All Wheelers Off Road Club on their Slab Run on Saturday April 4th, 2009. The PNWBA met up in Zillah for breakfast and plan to meet up with us at the Slab. Most of th AWORC got there after the PNWBA group did.

Once we all met up, we headed over toward Flex Canyon.

We went there by going on the Power Pole Canyon Trail.


Flex Canyon

Crawl Dad


Colemancooler giving us a show.


Test Dummy


Jeepscum showed up in his new TJ.

Scoobyclimbs broke an axle on his Subaru.

Crawl Dad & Guedo had to leave so AWORC seen them off.

On top of the ridge you can see the Pacific Northwest Backroad Adventures Group making repairs to the Subaru.

Here I (Ceg) am playing with the new Sami on the way to meet back up with the PNWBA group.

On our way over to Roll Over Hill.

Everyone played on the little hill climbs across from Roll Over Hill.








Tiny tried to top Roll Over hill a few times but it just didn't happen.

Test Dummy

Up without a problem.


Albino94ltd topping Roll Over Hill.

Heading toward the Northeast corner.

The Pacific Northwest Backroad Adventures Group getting ready to head home.

Roll Over's cousin almost rolled over. It has to be a family thing! lol

Sparky Driving Test Dummy's XJ.

It was nice to meet the guys from Pacific Northwest Backroad Adventures. Thank you for the invite.

This was a fun run thanks to all that came.
Clay Graham

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