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Default Beverly Dunes Clean-up (May 2nd, 2009)

2009 Beverly Dunes Clean-up
Hosted by the All Wheelers Off Road Club with cooperation from the DNR.
May 2nd, 2009

On the weekend of May 1st - May 3rd, 2009 we had a campout at Beverly Dunes for our annual clean-up.
The ORV area had less trash to pick up this year. Beverly Dunes is now cleaner thanks to the 35 volunteers that helped.
They put in a total of 170 volunteer hours.

Here are some pictures of our weekend.

The DNR made a new entrance into the Beverly Dunes ORV area and are working on building a new parking lot.

Friday afternoon we started setting up camp. We first did a clean-up in camp.

Bubz worked hard picking up all these nails from an old burn pit.

After camp was set up we hit the dunes.

Here is my family down at the east end of the ORV area.

Kevin broke his quad and needed a tow back to camp.

After I got Kevinís quad back to camp we headed back out.

Test Dummy playing ring around the tree.

Some people just need their butts kicked for giving quad riders a bad name!

Camp pictures

Saturday morning Mike Williams from the DNR came and so did the rest of the volunteers.
We started the clean-up at 10 AM. Most of the rigs started at the east end and worked their way back to camp.
The quad riders hit the tight trails along the creek.

ToyZuki and my family worked our way west just above the tight trails.

It wasnít long before we ran into the quad group and then the rig group.

A few guys were still out fixing the fence.

The rest of us went back to camp to unload the trash.

The old dogs played as we unloaded our ORVs.

It started raining and people took cover.

Crawl Mama had the kids do a Scavenger Hunt as they picked up the trash. Here is Docís hunt bag.

Mike making room for the trash in the DNR truck.

After the trash was loaded we were off to play in the dunes again.

Kevin gave Bubz a ride. We were hoping Kevin didnít break this quad too. LOL

Old man Havo showing these young bucks how to ride.

The Saturday afternoon group.

The Launch!

The Ride!

Later that day ď4wheelingplus.comĒ showed up and White-Trash gave him a ride.

Time to start the campfire. Doc getting crazy with a hatchet. LOL

Volunteers resting after a long day.

Sunday morning there was only a few of us left.

We broke down camp and hit the dunes.

BlindPilot doing the rollercoaster backwards.

How deep can you dig?

Crawl-Dad in donut land.

BlindPilot is there too!

To all the volunteers, thank you very much for your help. This was a great time and for a good cause.
Clay Graham

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