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Default Memorial Day Weekend 2009 - Manastash, Rimrock & The Nile


On Friday May 22nd, 2009 we went up to visit Waycrazy at his Rimrock camp on FS1202.

On the way up some on Hwy-12 between the Oak Creek Feeding station and Tieton Road we were in traffic with a reckless lady. She was passing many vehicles on blind corners, over the double yellow lines and was coming close to running into the back of other vehicles. We tried to call 911 but my cell phone did not work there.

Oregon plate 072 DVR

We got up to Waycrazy's camp around 5 PM or so.

They were still setting up some stuff for their camp.

Someone had broke off a "No Vehicle" marker. I just had put it back up a week before and it was down again.

Waycrazy putting it back up again.

The kids were getting cold so we headed out. We decided to run up to the top of FS1201 to see where the snow level was.

On the way up we saw an XJ stuck on the other side of a pond. He was too far away to get a picture.

Next we saw some new quad tracks on the side of the same pond.

At the end of FS1201 we took a look at the Upper 4W608 trail head.

On the way back down FS1201 was saw a few rigs covered with so much mud you could not tell what color they were. I hate to see what they destroyed to get that muddy.



On Saturday May 23rd, 2009 we went up to visit Ron (AKA at his camp at the Manastash Campground.

It took a long time to do the 10 miles.

Finely there!

Ron took me on a tour of the area with his Rhino.

After driving through the campground we headed up 4W307.

We turned on ATV30.

On ATV30 we found some snow to play in.

The trail was blocked by trees so we headed back.

Ron showed we where the kiddy ATV trail was.

Ron took the kids for a ride.


After Ron got back he took me for a ride.
We took ATV 30 over to Riders Camp and then up 4W311.

We had a fun time climbing the trail until we ran out of gas.
We had a funner ride coasting down the mountain.

The fun ran out at the bridge when we couldn’t coast any farther.

Now we had to walk.

At Riders Camp some nice quad riders gave us some gas and we were on our way back to the Rhino.

We then ran into the Forest Rangers.
They had a good time laughing at Ron for running out of gas.

Gas added!

We went back to where we got the gas. Ron gave back the gas can and thanked the quad rider.

We then headed back to the Manastash Campground.

Thanks Ron. What a great time.

We next headed home to swap my 99 XJ for my tow rig and 89 XJ to head up to the Nile.


The Nile

In the evening of Saturday May 23rd, 2009 we went up to the Nile to have a potluck and campout with the Shindig Wheelers.

Time to kick back after the great meal.

Next we moved over to the camp fire for the entertainment.
The night's show was a fire walker. He gave us a great show.

On Sunday morning Don severed us a great breakfast and then it was off to the trails.

Since I do not know this area I can not give you details of all the trails we ran.
Here are some pictures of the day's run.

Airing down.

Sid showing us why we were glad to have a longer wheel base.

Here Sid is showing us why our rig is too wide.

This was tight. Superglock made it look easy compared to the way I made it through.

Through these trees I flatten both doors on the passenger side of the Tweety Jeep.
This Rubicon also got hung up some.

Superglock showing us why he built the Exo-Cage.

We took a short break here.

On up the trail we came up to a challenging climb out of a mud hole.

Time for lunch.

This was a nice drop.

Here we came up to another mud hole with a climb.
This climb was very steep and torn up from others before us. We all winched up the climb.

Now it was time to hit the Forest Service roads for some snow wheelin'.

1/4 mile to go!

Close to the end the road the off camber snow drifts wanted to push us off the mountain.

We made it to the top of Little Bald Mountain.

This was the worst part of the whole run and we had to back track it too.
We were on about 3 feet of snow and there was a long drop off down the mountain with no trees to stop us from rolling to the bottom.

Here we regrouped before heading back to camp.

Back at camp we had another great potluck dinner.
The after dinner we enjoy a comedy by Cliff.
Other entertainment was about a beaver.

What a great time!
Thanks Shindig Wheelers.


The Nile - Run number two for us

On Monday May 25th, 2009 I had the pleasure of getting to wheel with the Shindig Wheelers another day.
We hit more of the trails in the Nile area. Here are the pictures on the run.

We took some dusty road on up the mountain.
We stopped for a short break here to clean the dust off the windshields.

On down the road we came up on some sheep in the road and a big dog.

We stopped again for a short break.

Here was a nice hill climb.

Next we started hitting snow big snow patches.

I stopped to wait for Frank to make tracks up the hill.

Then I pulled Frank out of this.

We stopped here for lunch.

After lunch we headed up higher and ran into more patches of deep snow.

We turn around here since everyone wanted get home to relax after a long fun weekend.

We got back to camp and loaded up for home.

This was a great few day in the Nile. Thank you for the invite Shindig Wheelers.
Thank you Frank and Pam for letting us camp at your place.
Clay Graham

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