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Originally Posted by EagleMark View Post
Ouch! But we did see this coming after Washington state goverment stole all the off road money...

This brings up a couple questions. Like $750 to pump out an outhouse? And $500. for a picnic table? Come on, give me a break!!!
Can't say for the pump, but for the picnic table portion that includes labor from the time they start the paperwork to requisition the table to the delivery of said table including fuel. Remember labor includes all the benefits the employee gets that builds the table. Typically prevailing wage for a Journeyman carpenter on this side of the mountains is $35.00/hr plus medical & retirement. So let say benefits add another $10.00/hr. That's $45.00/hr x4hr's to build= $180.00 in labor. say $100.00 in materials ( it is the government you know). so there is $280.00 now add another 4hrs for administration. Puts you at $460.00 then add fuel, delivery time and lunch..... bingo 5bills.

Some outhouses are way the **** up and gone in the woods. That could account for a worst case scenario.
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We all know in the beginning God created the earth and the Heavens. On the second day God created man and Jeep. Man had too much fun so God created woman. Man hasn't had near as much fun since.

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