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Default Elbe 01-03-09

Faithwheelers annual Busywild run.
It was a long day of very little mileage....
The group left the campground heading for the busy. Jaydog and JRGaylor decided to run Sunrise and meet us over where the mainline starts. They ran into a few deadfalls across the trail that they had to clear out and about 400 yards in, JR's transmission puked all it's fluid out, starting a small fire where it hit the exhaust crossover. Jaydog was able to drag him out and back to the campground but it took at least 3-4 hours.

We of course had decided to press on since they were capable to getting themselves back to where they needed to be and we could still hear them on the CB.

While heading down the mainline, Buster, busted his rear driveline. He took the ears right off the driveline so a simple u-joint swap wasn't going to solve it. He pulled the driveline, we winched him around and pulled him back through to water/ice hole and were working on getting around him. The plan was for one guy to pull him back to his trailer and then head back out to meet us... That's when the fun really began.

A club guest, Kris, tried to slide around him and slide in to the abyss.

Well it was supposed to be but we never even made it TO the busywild.

Here's Kris.
The flop. Kris tried to squeeze by Dave who had front wheel drive only after busting the read driveline. Didn't go to well...

And he's down.

Making sure everyone's OK and getting them out.

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