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Jaydog got a few pics as well. On the Sunrise trail, JR's tranny spewed and he was behind Jaydog. There was no way to get around to pull him back so Jaydog had to move forward to the top of Sunrise. No one had been through there yet. At least not for quite some time. This shot was out behind his Jeep.

And this is why. He had to clear three deadfalls from across the trail in order to get through.

Here's Toyrunner pulling cable. Apparently he did quite a bit of this.

A nice shot working his way up to top of Sunrise. Jaydog's Ramsey kicked the bucket the day before at Evan's Creek. This was a good test for his brand new Warn 9500XTI.

Finally coming out at the top.

A long way from done however as he still had to get JR's dead Bronco out.
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