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Default My thanks to Dan Simonson

I don't mean to get all sentimental and mushy and stuff cause I'm a tough Jeep'r and contractor ya know.
But once in a while certain things happen that really make you wonder about certain folks and I wanted to say it publicly if you all don't mind.

Dan Simonson is a rare breed and a rare individual. He took a small chunk of change Tammy and I gave him and turned it into this.
Dan is one unique human and I'm proud to call him my friend.

It's not so much the Jeep I want to thank him for, but in the 10 days straight I worked in his shop with him sometimes till near 2 in the morning he always had a smile on his face.
He always was patient and helpful, teaching and motivating. I know allot of you that have known Dan for many years already knew what I learned in the last couple weeks. He might even be pissed if he reads this cause I know for a fact he doesn't do what he does for the attention., He does it because he loves it and it shows.
Mom Simonson, Dad Simonson, Mikkie, Jer, Kurt, Scott, Dennis, Bob, Rob, Tyler and the rest of the PNW Jeep'rs that stopped in to help Tammy and I realize the dream of a new Jeep thank you all.
What a wonderful family you have allowed us to be part of.

Dan Rheaume
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