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Originally Posted by Ceg_ View Post
I happen to like trees on the trail and tighter the better. If you cut all the trees down then there is not much of a challenge on a lot of these trails without snow. With no trees you would be driving the trail not wheelin' it. We have enough logging roads around here to drive.

I don't know if these where locals or not. Anyone seen a light colored (maybe Tan) Suburban with dented in doors and the rear cut off like a Blazer top around Washington?
I'm not against trees, we have way more trees over here than anything I have seen pictured over there. I have plenty of dents on my full size to prove it... but none prohibat my passage of the trail. If they did I would have firewood! legally! Because none of these trails or roads were origannly built that narrow. As a matter of fact my fullsize blazer makes it through some sections of trails where a jeep TJ can't because the TJ is to tall.

I guess if you don't have terrain to wheel then wiggling through trees would be fun! My favorite trails are natraully ocurring self maintained obsticles. With or without trees.

I really want to get over there and run those naches and other trails that are legal for my width vehicle.
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